Trend Router Cutter 47/7 x 1/4TC

  • £21.36

Trend 47/7 x 1/4 TC Tungsten Carbide Tipped Economy Router Cutter.Economical cutters, perform 3 functions,

1. To top trim the overlay at 90 degrees

2. To trim the overlay at 45 degrees or 60 degrees.

3. The base of the cutter can trim the vertical lipping at 90 degrees.

Requires side fence or roller bearing


Shank Dia                       1/4"

Cutting Dia              D      1/2"(12.7mm)

Cutting Height          C       1/2"(12.7mm)

Trimming Angle        A                60 Deg

Trimming Angle        A2              90 Deg


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