Trend Router Cutter 46/160 x 1/2" TC

  • £60.05

Trend 46/160 x 1/2"TC Tungsten Carbide Tipped Bearing Guided Ovolo & Rounding Over Cutter.Self-guiding cutters for rounding over edges do not require a side fence. They are supplied with two bearings,use the larger bearing for a round-over.If the cutter is lowered, a top quirk can be produced.A full round/bullnose for stair treads can also be produced by taking a second pass from the opposite side of the workpiece


Shank Size                  1/2"

Cutting Dia         D            44.50mm)

Cutting Depth     C            22.00mm 

Radius                R           16.00mm   

S/Bearing            B     3/8"  (9.50mm)

L/Bearing             B2   1/2"(12.70mm

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