Trend Router Cutter 25/7 x 1/2"TC

  • £68.82

Trend 25/7 x 1/2"TC Tungsten Carbide Tipped Bearing Guided ovolo jointer and scribing cutter (Octacut).These 'Eight in One' Cutters sets have been designed to cut eight different profiles. Can be used portably or in a router table.Use B2 for a 1.6mm quirk and B3 for a round over.


Shank   Dia           1/2" (12.70mm)

Cutter   Dia            D      44.50mm  

Cutter   Height       C       33.40mm 

Cutter Radius        R       12.70mm

Bearing                  B        9.50mm

Bearing                  B2     12.70mm

Bearing                  B3     16.00mm

Rule Joint Timber Thickness

                              Min      15.00mm

                              Max      20.00mm 

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