Trend Router Cutter 25/3 x 8mm TC

  • £50.76

 Trend 25/3 x 8mm TC Tungsten Carbide Tipped Bearing Guided ovolo jointer and scribing cutter (Octacut).These 'Eight in One' Cutters sets have been designed to cut eight different profiles. Can be used portably or in a router table.Use B2 for a 1.6mm quirk and B3 for a round over.


Shank   Dia                8.00mm

Cutter   Dia            D      28.70mm  

Cutter   Height       C       17.70mm 

Cutter Radius        R         6.30mm

Bearing                  B        9.50mm

Bearing                  B2     12.70mm

Bearing                  B3     16.00mm

Rule Joint Timber Thickness

                              Min         7.00mm

                              Max      10.00mm 

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