Trend Worktop Jig Combi 66

Trend Worktop Jig Combi 66

  • £111.00

Trend Combi 650 kitchen worktop jig. The most popular size kitchen jig for trade and DIY alike,supplied with full instructions and location bushes.The jig requires a 30mm guide bush to be fitted into your router and a 1/2" diamiter 50mm length of cut router cutter. jointing bolt recesses can be cut simply and quickly. 

 A worktop jig, designed to enable all 1/2 inch shank plunge routers to cut precise butt & scribe joints in postform workstops

Machined from hardwearing solid laminate.

Will produce a joint in 15 minutes including setting-up time.

Out-of-square joints can be accommodated.

Facilities to cut various widths of board and thicknesses up to 42mm.

Integral panel bolt connector recessing template with easy spanner access.

Width setting stop for accurate positioning.

Supplied with clear & comprehensive instructions for use.

A single male and female template in 16mm solid laminate.

Facility to join boards from 500mm to 650mm wide. Two bolt recess slot for connecting bolts.

Three alloy location bushes & width setting stop.

Cuts out of square joints (max. 3 degree).

Jig requires:

A portable plunge router with 12.7mm (1/2 inch) shank capacity and minimum 1300 watts.

A template guide bush with 30mm outside diameter.

A TCT router cutter with 12.7mm (1/2 inch) diameter and 50mm (2 inch) cut length.

Two 100mm (4 inch) throat clamps. 


3 x Location Bushes

1 x Length Stop

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