Trend Dust Mask AIR ACE

Trend Dust Mask AIR ACE

  • £41.72

Trend launches a unique dust mask with replaceable filter system for woodworkers and DIY enthusiasts

When woodworking, especially when routing, it is important to protect the lungs from harmful dust particles that may be inhaled. Many types of Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) are available for this task and quite often the most cost effective method is to use a disposable version.

The new Airace from Trend is a half-mask and has been purposely developed to offer performance and economy over disposable dust masks. A unique one-way valve ensures that inhaled air passes through a large filter and that exhaled air passes straight out via the front grill. This eliminates contamination of the filter caused by vapour in the breath and, as an added bonus, eradicates any irritating fogging of spectacles.

The filter itself is disposable and supplies both electrostatic and micro filtration of the air. The filters are also five times larger than the average disposable dust mask. This provides ideal protection from both solid particles such as woodworking dust including MDF, and also aqueous particles such as metal fumes and mists to P2 classification (in accordance with the European Standard EN 143, CE 0403). Each filter has an approximate life span of ten times that of the average disposable mask.

The Airace is simple to use and can be dismantled easily for cleaning. The entire unit is light, comfortable and easy to wear without restricting vision. A polycarbonate visor which clips to the top of the Airace, is offered as an option to provide protection against medium energy impact particles. A dual strap system and non-allergenic rubber face cup, ensures the mask fits firmly to the contours of the face to provide an excellent seal.

The Airace includes an extra replaceable P2 filter. A charcoal pre-filter, which is fitted over the P2 filter, can be used against odours below occupational exposure levels and is ideal for working with animals.

The Airace offers an incredible cost effective alternative with improved protection.

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