115mm Diamond Blade for Ceramic Tiles

115mm Diamond Blade for Ceramic Tiles

  • £23.99

 Best for CERAMIC ***Diamond blade HPP 115 with a bore/ reduction ring size of 22.23

Features :

  • The right disc for the highest demands on lifetime with 10 mm segment height.
  • Good cutting quality without rough edges, even in extra-hard fine stone slabs and marble.
  • Sintered cutting rim.

Best for these materials :

Ceramic Tiles, Ceramic Tiles Glazed, Fine Stoneware hard, Marble, Stoneware Tiles, Porcelain.

Also suitable for these materials :

Cement-Bonded Fibre Board,Granite,Natural Stone, Roofing Tile

Specifications :

Cutting width mm: 1,8
Segment height mm: 10
Depth: 165 mm
Width: 158 mm
Height: 10 mm

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